Pithru Karma Significance

Perception of Saints and Scholars:
In the words of the Kanchi Maha Periyaval, the Paramacharya:
Those who are born in this mother earth shall perform "Pithru Yagnam" for conveying their gratitude to their forefathers’ The ‘Pindam’ offered at the time of ‘Thithi’ reaches the forefathers in the required form through the Pithru Devatas - Vasu Rudra and Aditya.
In the words of Mukkur Sri Lakshmi Narasimhacharyar Swamy:
‘Pithru Geetam’ is a part of ‘Vishnu Purana’ in which the Almighty Himself contemplates:
Will not a person be born who will remember his forefathers and satisfy the Pithru Devatas?
  • a) By offering varieties of food with good taste and by liberally donating money and wealth to the needy, and if not possible
  • b) By doing ceremonies required of him and offer food and money to the extent possible, and if not possible
  • c) By inviting an athithi and offering little rice, little jaggery and a small green plantain.
  • In other words the Almighty Himself suggests the various ways, according to one's state of living, by which one should remember one's forefathers and satisfy the Pithru Devatas.
  • The above emphasises the importance of Pithru Karma which every individual is expected to perform, which ultimately ensures continuance of remembering and paying obeisance to one's forefathers through generations with a sense of belonging between the mortal and the immortal soul.

Our Philosophy

Working details of Pithru Karma at Madhya Kailas:
Between 12 noon and 12.30 p.m. every day when the Pithrus are out on their orbit, a priest clothed wet after bath, representing the ultimate Kartha Sri Ananda Vinayakar, will collect a bundle of Darbhai, the conveying conduit, from the feet of Sri Ananda Vinayakar and proceed to Sri Mahavishnu Sannidhi.
Suddha annam (Rice cooked pure), in sufficient quantum reflecting the number of thithis on a given day, will be kept ready at the Mahavishnu Sannidhi after nivedanam (offering) to Sri Mahavishnu, the Promoter of this process.
Thereafter the priest will collect and carry this Suddha annam to the Sannidhi of Sri Parameswara, the Ultimate of Pithru Karma. Here the Suddha annam takes on the form of Pindam to be proffered to the Pithrus and carried to them by Sri Aditya. Since the ultimate Kartha, on behalf of the Kartha, is Sri Ananda Vinayakar Himself, the very incarnation of Mantras themselves, there will be no recitation or chanting of mantras by the priest but only a salutation to the Pithrus beseeching them reverentially, Vargam-wise, to kindly accept the Pindam proffered and bless their Santhathis (generations).
All this time, the carrier- pantheon, Sri Aditya, who serves as a witness to this process, is in wait in his Sannidhi located opposite to that of Sri Parameswara, to carry the Pindam to the Pithrus.
The priest, now representing Sri Aditya, will then deposit the Pindam in a specially erected platform. With the crows eating the Pindam there from, the performance of Pithru Karma gets completed wholesomely.
After this, an archanai in favour of the Kartha (the investor of the Kattalai) will be performed at the feet of Sri Ananda Vinayakar.
Thereafter the Karthas / representatives can partake in the Samapandhi Samaaraadhana Bhojanam.
The archanai prasadam of Vibhoothi will be sent only by ordinary post to the Kartha.
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