Pithru Karma Significance

Perception of Saints and Scholars:
In the words of the Kanchi Maha Periyaval, the Paramacharya:
Those who are born in this mother earth shall perform "Pithru Yagnam" for conveying their gratitude to their forefathers’ The ‘Pindam’ offered at the time of ‘Thithi’ reaches the forefathers in the required form through the Pithru Devatas - Vasu Rudra and Aditya.
In the words of Mukkur Sri Lakshmi Narasimhacharyar Swamy:
‘Pithru Geetam’ is a part of ‘Vishnu Purana’ in which the Almighty Himself contemplates:
Will not a person be born who will remember his forefathers and satisfy the Pithru Devatas?
  • a) By offering varieties of food with good taste and by liberally donating money and wealth to the needy, and if not possible
  • b) By doing ceremonies required of him and offer food and money to the extent possible, and if not possible
  • c) By inviting an athithi and offering little rice, little jaggery and a small green plantain.
  • In other words the Almighty Himself suggests the various ways, according to one's state of living, by which one should remember one's forefathers and satisfy the Pithru Devatas.
  • The above emphasises the importance of Pithru Karma which every individual is expected to perform, which ultimately ensures continuance of remembering and paying obeisance to one's forefathers through generations with a sense of belonging between the mortal and the immortal soul.