Service Policy
If and when there is a change in the e-mail Id or the mobile number, a subscriber can edit and save it in the allotted account page by using the log in id. A subscriber must inform Sri Ananda Vinayakar Charitable Foundation about the change with a request to record, in case that subscriber is unable to do it.
Sri Ananda Vinayakar Charitable Foundation will not be responsible for e-mails or sms sent to the notified mail id / mobile number, which remain undelivered for any reason whatsoever.
Due to some reasons our web site may not open up due to the server being down. At that time the log in privilege holder should wait until the extraneous technical issue is solved.
Disclaimer Policy
SMS Facility
The subscriber has to bear the cost of various payment modes mentioned, if any, like commission payable for demand draft / net transfer or through core banking remittance, etc.
The subscriber can make the payment by other existing modes also like – Cheque / DD (Payable at Chennai) / thru banks / cash in our office etc.
In case of cheques / Demand drafts the same shall be:
1) In favour of - ‘Sri Ananda Vinayakar Charitable Foundation’ 2) Payable at par in Chennai.
Payment to our bank account through NEFT / Core Banking System.
The subscriber must send a mail to us, for reconciliation and speedy action, in case the remittance is made to our bank account by - CBS / NEFT, such as:
  • a) Bank name & IFS code.
  • b) Banks account number.
  • c) Date of funds transfer.
The details for remittance to our bank account
Name of the Bank: Canara Bank
Branch: Kasturba Nagar - Adyar - Chennai 600020.
Account Nature: Savings Bank Account
Account Number: 0942101023050
IFSC code: CNRB0000942
Cash Payments
Subscribers are advised to make payments in cash only in the office of the Foundation. In case they make payment in cash, for the purpose of subscription, to any other person / agency for the purpose of final remittance to Sri Ananda Vinayakar Charitable Foundation (Madhya Kailas), it will be at their risk and responsibility. Sri Ananda Vinayakar Charitable Foundation (Madhya Kailas) will NOT entertain any claim or complaint in this regard.
Security Policy
Subscribers are requested to modify their existing password, for access purposes, at frequent intervals.
Refund / cancellation Policy
There is a provision for refunding the amount remitted by you, to your nominated claimant, in case of your unfortunate demise before the event due date. Before opting for this facility, please go through the following contents and make sure that the claimant will comply with the stipulations mentioned therein
  • 1) In the unfortunate event of my demise before the Thithi due date,
  • my _______________________________________ (Relationship of this person to the Kartha)
  • by name __________________________________ may approach you
  • for refund of money paid by me. Please deduct your processing charges, prevailing
  • at the time of claim, and pay only the net of amount subscribed & paid by me.
  • 2) You may admit the claim only if:
  • a) The fact of my unfortunate demise had reached your office before the Thithi due date.
  • b) On that account you did not perform the relevant Thithi, on my behalf.
  • c) The authorised claimant submits a claim in writing to your office within 60 days from the relevant Thithi due date. The claimant also produces the appropriate death certificate.
  • 3) You have the ultimate discretion to accept or reject the claim on merits.
Annadhaanam - In His Visible form
In Madhya Kailas, conforming to Ganaapathya Panchaayathanam, there are independent sannidhis for Sri Parameswara, Sri Aditya, Sri Ambigai, Sri Mahavishnu, Sri Anjaneyar, Sri Swarna Bhairavar, Navagraha and Sri Aadhyantha Prabhu with the presiding deity Sri Ananda Vinayakar in the Centre.
Only in Madhya Kailas, therefore, Pithru Karma can be performed as in Badrinath properly and wholesomely - by virtue of the Pithru Devatas ‘Rudra’ and ‘Aadithya having their abodes. The working details outlined below will amply substantiate this reality.
The Salient Features of Pithru Karma Facility at Madhya Kailas
This Pithru Karma facility at Madhya Kailas is open to all regardless of caste, creed, colour or gender.
The privilege to perform Pithru Karma only by the masculine gender is relevant only to the humans.
When Maha Ganapathi, Sri Ananda Vinayakar, Himself carries out this noble mandate on behalf of the Kartha - as the ultimate Kartha, this gender exclusivity stands automatically dissolved opening up the royal road for anyone to do Pithru Karma for anyone else