Our Philosophy

Pithru Karma, which every individual is expected to perform, ultimately ensures continuance of remembering and paying obeisance to one's forefathers through generations with a sense of belonging between the mortal and the immortal soul.
Sri Ananda Vinayakar Charitable Foundation firmly believes that..
a) A temple, being the centre of all human activities, is primarily meant to promote objects for community development and thus to social welfare and then alone it shall have the right to deserve the title as a place of worship, and that
b) A place of worship should not be limited to the local populace nor only to the physically fit but should be accessible to one and all.
The growing advancement in technology has rendered this planet small enough for anyone to reach any corner of the globe in a trice, as it were. This advancement has also subscribed to the emergence of a new society of Indians spread all over the world.
Owing to exactions of the modern times, the new society of Indians thus settled elsewhere than their motherland India, or, settled / domiciled in India itself but in a place other than their home town, appear to be constantly racing against time.
Further, owing to changing social scenes, circumstantial compulsions and occupational reasons they are also compelled to become:
# Inmates of Orphanages / Refugee camps / Asylums / Vishraanthi Ashrarns for the aged
# Inmates of Hospitals and Nursing Homes / Jails / Homes for the Invalids / Three wings of our Defence Services
# The personnel on the move like those who work for Police Force, Railway Service and Civil Aviation.
All these people are very particular in keeping their moorings intact. An expression of this desire in manifest terms cherished by all of them wholesomely is by paying obeisance by doing Pithru Karma to their forefathers on the day of the given ‘Thithi’ which is what tradition would have every Indian perform unfailingly, for, Pithrus are considered superior in state and stature even to the very ‘Brahmam’.
Precisely for the above reason, Sri Ananda Vinayakar Charitable Foundation has instituted at Madhya Kailas, the Pithru Karma (Kattalai) Scheme and thus translates our cherished objective of carrying Madhya Kailas to those who cannot visit it for various compelling reasons by making Sri Ananda Vinayakar Himself carry out the mandate on behalf of the Kartha.
The maximum achievement of a physical format can be nothing more than mere happiness always thirsting for a repeat, while performance of Pithru Karma confers Aathmic contentment in full measure beyond anyone's comprehending competence
It is imperative, at this juncture, to take note of an important aspect. Pithru Karma and Annadhaanam - both of them envisioned as Parameswara Pooja - are complimentary in nature in terms of the Athmic contentment that they confer to the individuals performing it. These two - Pithru Karma and Annadhaanam - are the manifestations of the Almighty in the following manner:
Pithru Karma - In His Invisible form.
Annadhaanam - In His Visible form
In Madhya Kailas, conforming to Ganaapathya Panchaayathanam, there are independent sannidhis for Sri Parameswara, Sri Aditya, Sri Ambigai, Sri Mahavishnu, Sri Anjaneyar, Sri Swarna Bhairavar, Navagraha and Sri Aadhyantha Prabhu with the presiding deity Sri Ananda Vinayakar in the Centre.
Only in Madhya Kailas, therefore, Pithru Karma can be performed as in Badrinath properly and wholesomely - by virtue of the Pithru Devatas ‘Rudra’ and ‘Aadithya having their abodes. The working details outlined below will amply substantiate this reality.
The Salient Features of Pithru Karma Facility at Madhya Kailas
This Pithru Karma facility at Madhya Kailas is open to all regardless of caste, creed, colour or gender.
The privilege to perform Pithru Karma only by the masculine gender is relevant only to the humans.
When Maha Ganapathi, Sri Ananda Vinayakar, Himself carries out this noble mandate on behalf of the Kartha - as the ultimate Kartha, this gender exclusivity stands automatically dissolved opening up the royal road for anyone to do Pithru Karma for anyone else