Pithru Kattalai - Yearly Basis - FAQ

I) On - Pithru Karma/Pithru Kattalai/Kartha
1) What does Pithru Karma mean?
It is an expression of gratitude to one's forefathers by remembering and paying obeisance to them and also to those held in esteem, annually, on the day of their demise, by following a procedure.
2) What does Pithru Kattalai mean?
It is a mandate accepted by the Foundation to perform the Pithru Karma on behalf of the Kartha based on the application submitted by the individual to the Foundation.
3) Who is a Kartha?
The individual who expresses his/her intension to do Pithru Karma in memory of person/persons of his choice and who is willing to institute the Pithru Kattalai with the Foundation is known as the Kartha.
4) Can any one be a Kartha under the scheme managed by the Foundation?
Yes. There is no discrimination on gender.
5) Can there be joint Karthas (more than one) for the same Pithru Kattalai?
No. As per scheme we permit only one Kartha for a Pithru Kattalai.
6) Is the scheme administered strictly according to Hindu Religion?
The Pithru Karma administered by the Foundation follows the tenets prescribed by the Hindu Religion. The philosophy of the Foundation is to address to the needs of the society, which is sought to be appreciated in the right perspective than to deem it as an act resulting in dilutions and deviations.
7) I am a not a Hindu by religion. Can I institute Pithru Kattalai and be a Kartha?
As long as you are prepared to abide by the scheme followed by the Foundation, you are most welcome to institute Pithru Kattalai and thereby become a Kartha.
II) On - Pithru Karma in Memory of
1) In whose memory a Pithru Kattalai can be instituted?
A person can institute Pithru Karma in memory of any person that he/she beholds dear to his/her heart.
2) Can Pithru Karma be instituted in memory of relatives other than Father, Mother, Husband, and Wife?
Yes. It can be instituted in memory of other relatives also.
3) Can Pithru Karma be instituted in memory of friends?
Yes. It can be instituted in memory of friends as well.
4) Is not this provision as well as that of permitting a Female to be a Kartha - a violation of procedures?
Not so, in as much as the scheme administered by the Foundation recognises only the need to translate the desires / sincere feelings of the individuals concerned into tangible action. What is carried out by the Foundation is a facility to perform Pithru Karma on behalf of those who are unable to do so, to their forefathers / beloved ones, for various reasons.
III) On - The day of Remembrance / Thithi
1) Is it a must to mention The Tamil month, Paksham, Thithi in the application form for instituting Pithru Karma
Yes. It is a prerequisite.
2) What am I to do if I don't know these details but am keen on performing Pithru Karma?
Please furnish the date, month and the year corresponding to the English calendar. The Foundation, by referring to the Tamil Almanac, Asal 28 Vaakkiya (Paambu) Panchangam, will inform / mention the corresponding Tamil month, Paksham and Thithi in the related documents and records for the purpose of performing the Thithi, as per the scheme.
3) Can I furnish both the English date of demise and also the Tamil month, Paksham and Thithi in the application form?
It is enough if you mention the Tamil month, Paksham and Thithi in the form, if you are sure of the correctness of such details. If you furnish both of them, the Foundation will take in to consideration only the Tamil Month, Paksham and Thithi that has been furnished and ignore the English date that you have furnished in case of any discrepancy.
1) As a Kartha can I mention the name and details of another person, in the application form, in whose name the Archanai can be performed on the day of Thithi?
No. The archanai will be done only in the name of the Kartha. In case you wish the archanai to be done in the name of other persons on the day of Thithi, please take up the matter with the Foundation with relevant details and the needful will be done at a nominal additional cost per archanai.
2) It is mentioned that any number of persons can participate on the day Thithi representing the Kartha, but only three of them (including the Kartha) can participate in the 'Samapandhi Bhojanam'. If I am prepared to pay extra money, will it not be possible for all the persons who participate to have the benefit of participating in the 'Samapandhi Bhojanam'?
As per scheme only three persons are permitted to participate in the Samapandhi Bhojanam and two more persons only can be accommodated subject to prior information and additional payment. The others will be provided only with some select Prasadams at nominal extra cost.
3) On the day of Thithi only two of us will attend the proceedings. We may not be in a position to take part in the Samapandhi Bhojanam. Since we are within the prescribed norm of three persons, will the Foundation pack and give us all the food items served in the Samapandhi Bhojanam in case we insist?
Sorry. In this case also the Foundation will favour you only with certain select Prasadams.
4) Why do you insist that I must acknowledge the reminder and send it back to you before the Thithi due date?
This is only to make sure that Karthas like you live a hale and healthy life on the day of the Thithi. The Foundation can perform the Thithi only on behalf of Karthas who are alive on the day of the Thithi instituted by them.
5) You say that the reminder with the ack format will be sent only by E-Mail. I do not have E-mail Id. But I am keen on doing the Thithi through your Foundation. How are you going to help me?
You can furnish the details of a contact person who has the above facilities. This contact person must share with you all the communications sent by the Foundation to his/her notified e-mail id / mobile number, but meant for you as the Kartha, for necessary timely action on your part.
6) You are restricting the receipt of application on a yearly basis corresponding to a Native year. What is the reason?
The Sradha Thithi is performed as per the Indian Tradition based on Month / Paksham / Thithi or Month / Star (Malayala Sampradhaayam). These details are mentioned in the Almanacs (Panchaangam) for a particular native year only. Hence the stipulation.
7) It would be comfortable if you can take applications for say two or more years
Not for the moment. The reasons are that we have certain limits on the number of Thithis to be performed for every combination of Thithi. This keeps changing dynamically.